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Did not go to the Preikestolen :(

The weather report has once again deceived us and decided that instead of Sunday being a good day, it will be mostly cloudy and rainy. The annoying thing was we had originally planned to go on Saturday (yesterday), when the weather report shown that Sunday was a better day, our plans changed. As you can see… the weather was indeed NOT good weather, it was cloudy, with drizzle and a moody atmosphere that made me feel sluggish all day.

We headed off with Tim to go to a small farm-like-land town next to the sea. At least this wouldn’t require two hours of upward hiking.We found a few interestings things, such as bunkers that were strangely creepy and very smelly. It seems both Chris and Tim have been here in their childhood- but of course, such a nice place to play- when there isn’t rain.

The mess inside shows that people actually hang out in these small places- not exactly the best sight to see from Norway. But it’s sometimes nice to show the imperfections of a land so beautiful.

We continued on towards the town, Tim was leading us into a cave near by.

The composition was very nice, but to my disappointment it was merely a shallow crevice in the large assembly of rock. Stunning, when dry I’m sure.

This made me giggle a little. When we walked along we came across this large brown house. The area smelt awfully like animal dung, and according to Chris/Tim the sign had read something like “butt-rock”; ‘Rau-‘ is slang for ‘ass’ or ‘butt’. A coincidence… really.

After this small trip, we went to see the Three swords. They were made in memory of a famous Viking King who died in battle in this area.

I use my tripod here, so I could get a shot with everyone in. But of course, I had to animate it.

Click to see animated

A statue we came across, randomly placed on the grass. Ane Malena was the wife of a farmer, and that’s all I know.

We came across one small viking boat. I think it’s my first time seeing one in person.

There were also small red jellyfish in the water.

They’re really cute, and I’m scared of them, but from a distance they look so harmless and peaceful.

It’s funny how, a cloudy day doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the scenery here. What is fortunate is that the surroundings already have a natural beauty that do not need the sun’s help to enhance (kind of like how a beautiful woman can still look beautiful without the help of make-up).

Soon after this photo however, the sun decided to make an appearance. For the rest of the day!

This is the same area.. just with the sun and clouds shifting.

It was 1pm when the sun decided to come out and stay out. It made we wonder if the weather at the Preikestolen was equally as nice. In which case, fate has played a trick on us again and we have missed yet another great opportunity to visit. The reason we couldn’t simply visit a different day was because we had no means of transport and it was a two hour drive, Christian’s parents were away and Tim- the only driver with a car among us- sadly had a full-time job.

We went bowling, to finish up the day’s trip, and I finally didn’t come last!

Our second score- I beat Chris in bowling for the first time!!!!

And finally a video of Tim’s amazing dancing:


An Ordinary day

Today there were no plans, other than to take a rest day and have an X-Men Quadrology marathon. Once again the weather report deceived us again and told us last minute “oh hey wait, I’ve decided that Saturday will be a great day and Sunday will suck- so you can’t go to the Preikestolen at all!” :(.

To make our day useful, we went out for another trek around the neighborhood. This time Chris took me out on a route to see not only houses, but a bit of nature that surrounded the area.

The water was clear, and there was even a guy fishing here.


I saw something fly by that looked like a red blurry bumble bee

I looked it up, and it appears to be a red spotted moth!

This is an industrial area, he told me cyclists come here often.

Colour, colour, colour, why can't our houses look this pleasant? >.>

This is a really good looking modern church. It's always quite strange to see these.

Chris told me this was an indoor sports area, a bit like a gym place. A long hallway that leads to an under-mountain bit of space.

After a long 1hr 30min walk, we started to head back. Took a turn and went up hill to find a nice bench to sit on to enjoy the view, and take a break from all the walking.


View from above

The Mall

Solfrid and Ivar are leaving today to go to a hut in the East. So unfortunately I won’t be able to eat Solfrid’s wonderful cooking for the rest of my stay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we came back from a nice stroll at the mall, we heard of the terrible news in Oslo. There had been a Terror Attack; a mass shooting at the island of Uetoya and a bombing at Oslo. Eventually they found a suspect which is a man called Behring Breivik, a blond haired blue eyed Christian extremist who had felt the need to use violence and destroy a political party at the island.


There is an article on Wikipedia about it.

Skogen Family

Today Chris’s Grandmother Wilfrid came to visit, and we had a traditional Christmas dinner. I’m quite lucky to have tried this great dish, because it had godly sauce (that’s only available to make in Norway). There was beef, assortment of boiled vegetables, fruit salad that looked a lot like coleslaw, potatoes, chopped beans in a creamy sauce, and that amazing sauce which I do not know the name of. It looks like gravy but tastes all kinds of awesome, a hint of sourness, the meat it was made from and buttery/creamy all at the same time.

Back in Britain it cannot be made because we do not have the meat, or the means of preparing it, and we do not have the type of Margarine because it was banned from Britain a while ago. Apparently it takes two weeks to prepare the meat and make the sauce.

We took a family photo today- well several. So I made a .gif!

Click to see animated!

Here is the best still image:

Then we had ‘tea time’ or in Norway I guess they prefer coffee?

Since the weather was so nice, I thought it would have been a shame to waste it. We went out again to town and the food festival with Tim. He helped take this nice photo. Note: This is Christian’s usual expression.

They took me to the Skate park, that had so much graffiti and was close by the oil museum- sadly it was closed.

Stavanger Food Festival

Today we planned to go to the food festival, because it’s the opening day. The weather was very good- much better than yesterday’s drizzle.

Solfrid (Christian’s mother) cooked an amazing seasoned Salmon- I’ve never quite had something like it. It was complimented with a bowl of sliced cucumbers in lemon and sugar, a bowl of buttered lettuce with carrots and potatoes. I don’t know what the sauce was but it looked like custard and tasted creamy.

The deserts were fascinating, there was a bowl of chocolate pudding (almost like jelly) and a bowl of Almond flavoured semolina pudding that came with black current sauce  and Vanilla sauce. I wish I took photos, but I wasn’t sure if that was a great idea since it was a pretty personal and special dinner.

We didn’t leave the house until 4pm at least, however the sun stayed high up in the sky until 8pm. This is Jesper (pronounced ‘Y’esper in English), ever since I got here, he has been too shy/scared to approach the house. It was this one time I was able to call him over for a photograph! He’s 10 years old I believe.

Ivar told us he’d drive us to the area which contained some of the oldest houses in Stavanger, so we could walk through and get to the food festival afterwards. Conveniently he used a parking space that belonged to the company he worked in. Parking here in Norway is expensive.

The houses here are up to three hundred years old!

We walked with Chris's parents and sister

Factory Museum, producing canned fish and the like.

Eventually we got out of there to meet up with Tim. Chris’s Chinese friend. It’s really odd, I think Chris only really has one white guy who he considers a friend ha ha.

The Food Festival

Chris and Tim

Special Norwegian Cheese

Apparently Thai food

Oh yes, we met Stian. Chris' one and only white friend.

Stian’s nickname is Loggi. I’ve asked but apparently there is no meaning behind it, and it just happened one day. So I also called him Loggi. According to Chris and Tim, he was dying to know my name, and they had refused to tell him- they told me to say “I don’t have a name”, but it never really came up. I wonder if he still doesn’t know  my name….

Pizza... how.. ordinary.

Most of the food festival consisted of foods that were from different countries, there were a few odd ones that I noted such as the Salmon pancakes. At least in Stavanger, Norwegians seem to be a big fan of salmon. I saw it everywhere- I guess Scandinavia & the World wasn’t over exaggerating when placing a fish on the character Norway’s head! This is great because my favourite fish is also salmon ha ha. Salmon pancakes were probably by far the tastiest oddity I tried today.

This is Delicious, why didn't I think of it? SALMON PANCAKES.

"Coca Cola. Buy it now."

End of Day pic, featuring lovely Chris, Loggi, Tim


Chris took me around his neighborhood, to show me areas that were reminiscent to him.

Where Chris lives

Chris' middle school

Sandwich ice cream, yum!

Looks like Nutella

During the whole walk, we kept coming across really odd looking slugs…

They look like something… can’t quite put my finger on it.

Leaving for Norway

Preparing to Leave These past few days I’ve been preparing my leave for Norway. Firstly, I wanted to check which days would be best to visit the Preikestolen. Chris linked me a website showing the weather forecast of the upcoming week. It’s nothing but drizzle… this is quite a stunt! I hope the weather man is wrong, because the whole time I’m there it’s apparently raining like the creator was really desperate for a number 1. I checked two days later, and there were slight improvements- it seems the weather in Norway was much more consistent than it was back here in South Wales. Still, such a misfortune, I really hoped that this won’t affect my sight seeing plans over the next ten days.


Monday: Leaving

I left the house with my cousin and brother- my cousin was leaving on the same day to head back to Manchester and my brother tagged along. I had a haircut quickly before I took the train to Reading at 2:45pm (which I then had to swap trains to get to Gatwick Airport).

The rest of the day was fairly boring: waiting at the airport, eating at the airport, buying last-minute essentials at the airport, checking in at the airport, feeling a little ill at the airport. @_@ It wasn’t until I finally got to Gate 16, that I looked around curiously at the majority in the room that had blonde hair and blue eyes. Aryans! Wow, rare to see so many at once. I thought of taking a photo, but realised that would be kind of creepy…

When I arrived, I greeted Chris and his father Ivar. A very nice man, who looked a lot bigger in the photos I saw back in Wales, I could finally see the resemblance. It was a rainy night, and Ivar drove us back to their place. These photos were taken a day later.

Christian's house, it looks beautiful like all the other houses in the neighborhood; simplistic and clean and kind of cute!

The basement room I was staying in, it looked really really good!

All bathrooms had heated floor tiles, and most of this was self built by Chris' father, Ivar

The house was massive! It had three stories if you include the basement. And the standards of housing here was so high, that they didn’t even need radiators to keep it warm. Most if not all houses are built with wood here in Norway, Ivar told me it was  rare to see one built with stone. If I could sum up the house I’m staying in with a few words it would be: Strong, Simple, Efficient, Homely… and Big.